Boiler Types Explained and Boiler Type Comparison


Boiler Types Explained And Boiler Type Comparison

When choosing the best boiler for your home there are many different factors to consider. Property size, the area’s water pressure, the number of bathrooms, the number of showers, and the type of property as a whole are all aspects of the boiler selection process. We’ll help make the process a little easier by taking you through three common types of boiler, as well as their pros and cons, to give you a better idea of which boiler is your perfect match.

Combi Boiler

What is a Combi Boiler?

The word ‘combi’ is short for ‘combination’. It is called a combination boiler because it is a single unit that serves two functions – heating and hot water.  A combi boiler is the most common type of boiler in the UK and is a single unit that generates all the heating and hot water for the home.

Combi Boiler Pros:

  • A combi boiler contains almost all components within the boiler itself, which makes for a more compact and neater looking boiler. This can be an advantage for homes with less space, as well as those who want more airing cupboard space for essentials.
  • As the components are within the boiler, there is no need for a cold water feed or expansion tank in the loft, which saves on loft space.
  •  Hot water and central heating turned on without waiting time.
  • Easier maintenance as there is less pipework to be installed.
  • Lower risk of pipework freezing.
  • Water delivered directly from the mains.
  • Responsive to tap usage and temperature
  • Provides powerful showers without the need for a pump

Combi Boiler Cons:

  • May not be compatible with your shower
  • May not be the best choice for homes with low water pressure
  • Better suited to households with fewer people as you can only use hot water for one task at a time. For example, you cannot run a shower whilst someone is washing up.
  • More moving parts within the boiler means there may be more scope for issues to arise than with a conventional boiler.

System Boiler

What is a System Boiler?

A system boiler has all the same components as a combi boiler without the hot water production. It works with a steel hot water cylinder rather than a tank and is suited to homes with multiple bathrooms.

System Boiler Pros:

  • No need for a tank, easier maintenance, and less worry about frost damage and leaks.
  • Compatible with solar thermal systems, making them a very energy-efficient option
  • You don’t have to worry about being in an area with low water pressure

System Boiler Cons:

  • You still need space for a hot water cylinder.
  • Once the hot water has run out from the hot water cylinder, you will need to wait for it to heat up again before you can use the hot tap.
  • System boilers can cost more to install than a basic combi boiler
  • You can lose heat from the stored hot water in the hot water cylinder.

Heat Only Boiler

What is a Heat Only Boiler?

A heat only boiler only provides heating and works using a hot water cylinder and a water storage tank. This type of boiler is best suited to homes which already have traditional heating systems in place.

Heat Only Boiler Pros:

  • Can supply water to multiple bathrooms and taps at the same time.
  • Like system boilers, they can be used in conjunction with solar heating systems, helping you to reduce your energy bills and ecological footprint.
  • Ideal for homes with low water pressure

Heat Only Boiler Cons:

  • Not a compact option
  • Heat only boiler Installation can be more expensive and complicated due to the need to install both a cylinder and a tank
  • Hot water isn’t available on-demand and may need time to warm up

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