How to Find Out When My Boiler Was Installed


How To Find Out When My Boiler Was Installed

An old boiler is an unreliable boiler. Knowing how old your boiler installed makes it easier to know when it’s time for you to replace it. If your boiler gets too old, this can affect its efficiency and you may end up paying over the odds to heat your home. If you require boiler repair, boiler installation, or emergency plumbing services in the Croydon, Wallington, or surrounding South London areas, contact Plumr today!

To find the age of your boiler, you need to find its serial number. A boiler serial number looks like a long barcode and will usually be stuck somewhere on the outside casing of your boiler. It will include a series of letters and numbers which can be used to reveal the age of your boiler. This is simple and easy to do, however, you need to know what information you are looking for. Different boiler brands may have different systems for using the boiler serial number to work out the age of the boiler. If the age of your boiler is affecting its efficiency, for example taking longer to heat rooms and water, it may be time to get a new boiler installed.

How Old is my Baxi Boiler?

Most Baxi boilers will have the serial number stuck inside the drop-down panel at the front of your boiler. If you provide this serial number to Baxi they can let you know when your boiler was manufactured. A Baxi boiler serial number will include the product code, the year of the manufacture, the week number within that year, the appliance number within the week of manufacture, and the place of manufacture.

How Old is my Ideal Boiler?

To find out the age of your ideal boiler, you will need to look at the Benchmark certificate in the manual. If you can’t find this or don’t have access to it then you will need to give Ideal a call. For ideal classic, mini or logic models a serial number will be included which will reveal the date of manufacture.

How Old is my Ideal Logic Boiler

With ideal logic boiler models, finding out the age of your boiler will depend on whether your boiler was manufactured before or after 2015. You will need to look at the final 6 digits. Those manufactured before 2015 will read YY/MM/DD. Those manufactured from 2015 onwards will read DD/MM/YY.

How Old is my Ideal Classic Boiler

To find out the year an Ideal Classic boiler was manufactured, you need to be looking at the third group of numbers. The first two numbers contain the year whilst the second contains the week. So for example, if the third group of numbers contained ‘0612’ this would mean your boiler was manufactured in the 12th week of 2006.

How Old is my Ideal Mini Boiler?

Ideal Mini boilers have a shorter serial number than most other models. With this model, the final four numbers reveal the year of the system manufacture. So for example, if the serial number had “0308’ as the final four digits, this would be the 3rd month of 2008. This would have the manufacture date of March 2008.

How Old is my Vaillant Boiler?

Vaillant boilers will usually have their serial number stuck somewhere on the outside casing of your boiler. The third and fourth numbers of the serial number reveal the year your boiler was manufactured. So for example, if a serial number begins ‘2601’ this would mean your model would have been manufactured in 2001.

How Old is my Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Finding out the age of your Worcester Bosch boiler isn’t as simple as it is with other boiler brands. This is because Worcester Bosch serial numbers are made so that they can only be read by professionals. If you’re unsure of your Worcester Bosch boiler’s age, you may need to contact their support team.

Need A New Boiler?

If the age of your boiler is affecting its efficiency, it is time for a replacement. A new boiler installation could also save money on your gas bills over time. Although you have the cost of a new boiler upfront, over time your new boiler will pay for itself. New “A” rated boilers are much more efficient than older boilers. To book your boiler replacement/installation with a highly trained and experienced professional, contact Plumr today! Our engineers pride themselves on their customer service and wealth of outstanding reviews.


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