How to Repair a Boiler Leak


How To Repair A Boiler Leak

Noticing your boiler has started leaking is always a stressful situation. It can be difficult to fix and can cause a large amount of damage to your home if it is not fixed promptly. Knowing what to do and how to handle the situation safely can become overwhelming. Boiler leaks are more common in the colder months of the year as the weather can make your central heating system more prone to faults. Here at Plumr, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to deal with a boiler leak.

Boiler leaks aren’t usually too dangerous. However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave this issue unresolved. A faulty water heater can not only cause a substantial amount of damage to your home and possibly your neighbours. We do not recommend trying to repair the leak yourself as you may cause your system to lose its protective inhibitor. We recommend turning off your water supply as soon as you notice the leak and contacting an emergency plumber as soon as possible. Here at Plumr, our engineers are all Gas Safe registered and highly experienced in all aspects of boiler repairs, boiler services, and general plumbing services.

Why Does The Boiler Pipe Leak

Pressure Issues

Every boiler has a pressure outlet pipe. This will usually be located on the side of your system. This fitting allows the pressure inside to escape when needed. It is possible for some drops of water to escape with this pressure. However, if there is a large amount of water leaking from your outlet pipe, this is usually an indication of a fault.

If you notice water puddling under your boiler every day, it’s likely that you need to reduce the pressure inside your boilers tank. Do not attempt to patch your dripping pipe! This is highly dangerous and could cause an explosion.

Wear and tear

As with most appliances, boilers will age and wear from long-term usage. Over time, the metal can become damaged by the repeated heating and cooling of water. This damage can eventually cause the metal to crack, and these cracks can leak water. If your boiler has begun to track, this means it’s time for a central heating system. You can read our ‘boiler size guide’ to help you ensure you install the right system for your requirements.

Damaged Seals

Every hot water or steam boiler has been sealed. There are different types of seals, but their ultimate purpose is to protect the structure of the boiler from cracking by expanding. This can happen due to heat or withstanding pressure. If a seal is damaged or causing a leak, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Seals are usually inexpensive and straightforward to replace. However, you should always check your boiler’s pump as well as this could also cause a leak. If your problem includes your boiler pump, you may need to replace it, which could be more costly.

Loose Joints

Your boiler can expand with hot water making it possible for joints to become loose. If this is your only issue causing a leak, the solution is usually simple. You can fix this by simply tightening your joints, and this should stop the leak. However, if the leak continues into the next day, your problem may lie somewhere else.

How to Prevent Boiler Leaks

The best way to prevent boiler leaks is to get your boiler annually serviced. This way, you can regularly check all parts of your boiler system to ensure they work efficiently and don’t require repairs. Here at Plumr, we have a range of boiler cover plans in the pipeline. By having a boiler cover plan in place, you can ensure you never miss an annual boiler service.

How to Fix a Leaking Boiler

Once you notice a boiler leak, there are a few steps to follow. The first step is to call an emergency plumber. Boiler leaks can cause substantial damage to your property if left unattended. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to help minimise the damage.

Switch Off Your Water Supply

To minimise the damage from water puddling, you should switch off your water supply as soon as you notice the leak. You can do this by turning off your internal stop tap.

Drain the System

Even though you have turned off your water supply, there will still be some water left inside your boilers tank. To drain your system, simply turn on all the taps in your home until the water runs out.

Switch Off Your Heating

If you’re using your central heating, it’s best to switch this off and disconnect all utilities whilst your system is being repaired.

Mop up the Water

If a puddle of water has collected from your leak, you can clean this up now. It’s best to do this once you are sure there won’t be any more water leaking from your system.

Wait for Your Plumber

Once you have completed all the above steps, there is nothing left to do on your part. Sit tight and wait for your emergency plumber. Here at Plumr, our engineers are Gas Safe registered and highly experienced and pride themselves on their fast response times.

If you notice your boiler is leaking and require an emergency plumber or boiler repair in the Epsom, Sutton, Wallington, or surrounding South London areas, call Plumr today. Our engineers are highly qualified and pride themselves on their excellent customer service and outstanding reviews.


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